Who Are 24-hour Doctors?

The world is growing, and the people’s birth rate is growing with it. With the increase in the number of people, the medical issue is, so the need for doctors is extremely important nowadays. There are a lot of patients who have severe medical problems such as AIDS or cancer. These patients require being under the supervision of the doctors all the time. Slight changes in their health can cause fatal problems. The doctors are also human beings, so they need rest otherwise they won’t be able to concentrate and treat the patients well enough, and on the other hand, the seriously ill patients require doctor’s assistance all the time. The only remedy is to change shifts of the doctors so that after one doctor’s duty is over the other doctor may start with his or her treatment according to the previous treatments made. The 24 hour doctor needs to be very experienced as 24 hour assistance to the patient means severe problem which needs special care and no mistakes can be afforded.


What are the responsibilities of the 24 hours of doctors?

  1. The 24 hours of doctors have a huge number of duties and responsibilities that need to be performed. These duties and responsibilities can be stated as follows:
  2. The doctors have to arrange the shifts that suit best for them and to which they are comfortable with since utmost dedication and determination is required for the speedy recovery of the patients.
  3. The medication procedures and treatment methods should be properly discussed well before the execution. No mistakes should be made since it may cost a person’s life.
  4. All the machinery such as the oxygen pump, the heart rate measuring machine, the catheter and other machines that are required by the patients must be well acquainted with the doctors, and the machines must work smoothly and efficiently.
  5. The doctors must make all the nurses and other staff members aware of the disease or disorder and prescribe them proper meals for the patient that needs to be healthy enough.
  6. The doctors must be social and doctor-patient interaction is a must that helps in providing emotional strength to the patients. As it is evident that mental stability and will power is extremely necessary for the smooth and fast recovery of the patients, the doctors must first aim to enhance the will power.

Safety measures

Patients who are suffering from fatal diseases such as AIDS, radiation must be taken care of with full compassion. There are a lot of other diseases that spread from one person to another so safety measures must be kept in mind and applied before starting any kind of treatment on the patients. Patients inflicted by radiation must be kept in separate radiation insulated rooms where the treatment needs to be carried out. The doctors themselves need to be present 24 hours with fully sealed leaded suits that prevent their bodies from getting radiation themselves. If not properly handled may even cause death.

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