The Benefits of Social Media SEO

Facebook has over 2 billion active users. In just a decade this social media powerhouse has gone from zero to this. Optimizing for the dynamic landscape of social media carries a number of powerful benefits for businesses. Let’s talk essentials.

1. Knowing Google
The Google ranking algorithm is the basis for many SEO techniques. The search engine crawls social media profiles in the same way it scans other webpages for highly quality content that specifically matches a search query, using this and links in order to calculate rank. And honestly, it’s imperative to score a spot in the search engine’s top results if you want to be noticed.

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It’s handy to note that social media pages, including profiles, are treated like any ordinary HTML site. So the number of ‘shares’ don’t mean much to Google. Sharing happens too fast for the search engine to keep up at any rate. Rather, enterprises should keep focusing on putting out the best content possible.

2. Quality links
Backlinks are a holy grail when it comes to website ranks. The more quality links, the better. While ‘shares’ are not a valued factor in the Google ranks, they do still carry some SEO service advantages.

Publishing quality content on social media leads to more shares. The more shares, the more users it will reach, who may just be bloggers, journalists, or others in influential positions, with hundreds of connections of their own. If they like what they see, they’ll link your content.

Social media marketing creates some great backlinking opportunities. A study by Dan Zarrella reveals a direct correlation between the number of social media shares and number of backlinks. And links have a strong direct impact on search engine rank.

3. Authority
Not only does social media help build awareness about your business, but also brand authority. By providing high quality, credible, and popular information, you’re creating a positive image in the eyes of your audience. After all, we don’t like fake news.

Social media is a powerful medium for strengthening brand authority. The stronger the authority, the better. Yes, we did also mention ‘popular’. When we see others reading and sharing stuff, we innately want in on that, so organic traffic will become cumulative.

4. Fostering community
Leading on from the above, we turn to others for third-party validation on the credibility of the info we’re exposed to. We really don’t like fake news. Brand authority and social media communities are interwoven, with a relationship that goes both ways, one increasing the other.

If we see a brand with thousands of likes, it sets the bench mark of having a high authority and a strong following, and that’s a big green light for trusting the source.

5. Engaging directly with consumers
A key difference between traditional marketing methods like television and mail, and using social media, is the shift from ‘read only’ content to ‘read and write’. Thanks to the tools social media offers, customers can now read content and share it or add their own two-cents. That is, if they like what they see, or not.

It’s easier than ever to publicly review goods and services on social media profiles, blogs and vlogs, and beyond. This means big things in digital marketing and SEO. It’s not just about producing content merely for the keywords. It’s more important than ever to produce something that users will want to rave about.

7. Better performance
The aim of marketing strategies is pretty much always to bump up the revenue. Today, with consumers‘ vast use of social media, it’s safe to say that SEO must engage with this platform. Putting great content out there will generate invaluable e-word-of-mouth, ultimately leading to your end-goal: more sales.

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