Architecture and the Values

The interior designing of a house is about making new styles and themes which are exclusive as well as attractive. But, when concentrating on the aesthetic benefits of the designs, the designers usually forget the values which have to be depicted in the designs. Today many of the designers focus on the values during the designing process. Nevertheless, the values which one designer focuses differ from the others. The difference arises on the basis of difference of the schools of architecture, architectural movements. The individual traits and difference also fuel for the selection of values and intentions.

The designs created by the designers usually lean on the history and the events of past centuries which have been already passed through various design movements. However, the design values influences the designer and his professional achievements a lot. The different design movements include Modernism, Post Modernism, Deconstructivism, Post structuralism, Neoclassicism, New Expressionism, Super Modernism and many more. All these movements are different in their approaches, theories and the values of aesthetic senses. The art community has been influenced in a great extend by the development of these movements in such a way that the interior designing of the houses are accomplished by using certain themes.

The pictorial representations and themes of wallpapers include the design values propounded in any of the design movements. In fact these changes are most seen in the Western countries due to the faster development of technology, emergence of new realities in economy, political changes etc. The designer always tends to create designs which reflect his personal styles and expressions though there is an impact of the movements. The form, materials and ornaments used for the interior designs show these differences. A mix of different style sin the same house is also a part of the historical developments in the interior designing.

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