Recovering Data from a Mechanical Failure

This type of failure is by far more complicated than a logical failure where you just have to install a recovery program and possibly getting your lost data back. When it comes to a mechanical failure, you need to replace a broken part of the drive to fix it. You can quickly confirm this kind of problem as a computer can’t detect your hard disk. Before you dive in, it would be best to get familiar with the essential parts of the hard disk drive to understand fixing it better:

– Platters : This part resembles small rotating plates. This is where all your data is stored, and these plates come in sets capable of storing up to 4 terabytes.
– Head Assembly : This is an essential component responsible for writing and reading the data. Each head floats nanometres on top of the platter (one for each side). If this part malfunctions and touches the disk while rotating, it will possibly cause irreversible data loss.
– PCB (printed circuit board) : You can identify this with ease as it looks like any other circuit board. Usually, it is coloured green or brown, and it functions as the brain of your HDD.

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