Importance of Selection of Right Product by a Retailer

When a final consumer reaches a shop to get the desired product, the brands and nature of products may vary according to the availability in the shop. This is an important factor which matter the success of a retail shop. It is a widely accepted fact that none of us can satisfy anybody in all means.

Similarly, a shop could also have some limitations in the availability of the product which a customer looks for. But it is to be noted that, though the desired product is not available the customer should get sufficient alternatives which could be substituted. This increases the tendency of the customer to choose the shop for the next shopping. For instance, if a customer is looking for a red dress and the retail shop do not have it; the shop should have the collection of alternatives like other colored dress. The representatives of the retailer should be able to convince the customer to shop the blue or black dress by using the salesmanship qualities.

The supply of right product to the right customer is the key to success not only to the large companies but also the small companies. The selection of the shop can increase the sales since word of mouth is a powerful tool of advertising. The other feature which a shop representative should possess is the selection correction ability.

Though the shop does not have the desired product, the personal selling activity should lead the customer to choose the similar product. The employees should be aware of the collection of alternatives in the shop so that they can easily point out in case of difficulty to get the desired one. This is based on the fact the customer always tend to go for the second best option when the perfect product for him or her is not available.

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