Can Family Meetings Fuel Unity?

The relationship between the family members is the key to happiness in families. They should maintain strong communication among all the families irrespective of the distance and time barriers. Since the social media and technology has developed a lot it becomes easier to communicate. But, the virtual facilities have some limitations which could be overcome by real meetings. Family meetings can fuel the unity and togetherness in the family. The members who have shifted for any kind of personal needs tend to lose their connection with the others. Meetings can retain that relationship faster and easier.

The parents in the family should be the coordinators of such meetings. This can encourage the children to follow the practices of parents. In fact the meetings of this kind can help the family members to discuss the important matters which have to take a common decision. The all age groups should be included in the meetings. It also gives the youngsters to make their opinions and suggestions through which their role of parents in the future can be trained. Although, the meetings are made to discuss bout a particular subject, the humorous element can reduce the perplexity and attract the members to family meetings.

The extended or the close family members can be included in the meetings according to the wideness of the matter of issue. There should not be any kind of rules to be followed for the family meetings. However, the time and venue of meeting should be prior decided so that the members from long distance can reach in time. It is always recommended to shift the meetings from one house to another, so that the rotation enables to go all the houses in a family group. The topic at hand should be informed to everyone earlier so that anyone who tends to be offended can decide whether to participate or not.

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