5 Personal Investment Habits that Will Make You Rich

Success is directly proportional to the effort you spend. So is money. While these two come gradually, you may incorporate these 5 investment habits that can make and keep your rich.

Spend Less Than What You Earn

Finally receiving your paycheck after several weeks of work may entice you to treat yourself to some shopping spree or food feast or booze. You may always pamper yourself once in a while but don’t overdo it.

Start Saving at a Young Age

The sooner you start saving money, the better you financial stability becomes. Keep a portion of your paycheck on your bank account or make an investment. Savings come with greater purchasing power in the future and better financial freedom.

Dodge Debt

Debt is a friend you don’t like to keep for long. If you can pay for something all at once in cash, do it. Don’t rely on your plastics too much else you’ll find credit card bills piling up.

In any case you have had some unpaid debts in the past, pay for them first before making any new loans. This also builds your credit score.

Save As Much Money As You Can

If you find yourself with some extra cash, do a budget check before hitting the mall to buy anything. There may be necessities you cannot put off, buy them. To those things that can wait, save up first and as much as you can.

Don’t rush into getting things you can do away with for a few weeks, months or years. Be practical. While most things depreciate in value, your savings won’t.

Discover a Career You Enjoy

Just like in a roleplaying game I’m addicted to, when you’re inspired, you earn more. Keep a job that doesn’t bore or stress you that much. Success becomes sweeter and smoother when you enjoy things.

There goes 5 investment practices that will make you rich in no time.


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5 Things Your Millionaire Neighbor Isn’t Telling You

You’d never really know how much many a person owns unless he tells you. He may be a neighbor, a friend or even a family member. So while you’re trying to figure out who makes how much in your vicinity, do the following things and start building your own fortune!

1. Begin Young and Don’t Mess Up


Many successful entrepreneurs started early in life. No one really requires business start-ups to be established right away. Apparently, people who succeed financially begin while they’re young and get the most out of their years.

Financial success is something you build. Start early, learn things along the way and do not mess up.

2. Try not to Move and Don’t Get Divorced


Keep yourself away from the expensive costs of moving in and getting divorced later.

While changing location and environment may be beneficial, moving into a different home doesn’t need to cost a lot.  Weigh expenses and profits. Do whatever you possibly can to minimize cost. If you can do away with hiring movers, then don’t.

3. Invest Slowly Over Time


Think about starting some investments. It doesn’t really have to be a huge investment immediately. Start small and continuously build up on your investments – gradually.

4. Make Multiple Income Streams


Your neighbor may be rich now. However, it doesn’t mean that he solely relies on his job to make him financially stable. Ask some seniors and they’ll tell you, they have worked more than one job when they were younger. You don’t have to force yourself to work several shifts/jobs. You can always do some freelancing or part-time business.

5. Live Below Your Means


Some very successful businessmen live way below their purchasing power. You might come across one who still drives his first or second car, another who stands in line at a mall sale or some rich couple who rarely eats out and cook at home.

Follow the five tips above and start keeping a secret your neighbor also keeps.

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The 5 Concepts all Millennials Need to Know to Win With Money

Achieving financial excellence generally needs backward reasoning from your goals. This takes time, some patience and serious dedication to be accomplished. Practice the following tips and work your way into having more money than you could ever imagine possible!

Make Delayed Gratification A Skill.

After graduation, I thought of buying my first car and probably, my own house. I wanted to drive to work than ride a bus, or sleep peacefully in my own place without my mom frequently asking me to do errands. However, doing so takes spending more than what’s actually in my bank account.

Then I came across delaying gratification and practiced it. It takes some determination to make it work, though.

I wanted the house, but I do not want my expenses to pile up. So I learned how to save up for what I want instead of making any purchase. Thorough thinking made my decisions better and provided a venue for other life’s pleasures.

Recognize the Advertising Around You and Ignore It.

Advertisement is everywhere – TV, radio, internet, and other ad spaces possible. It also comes free through friends, family or even some pretty girl who stares back at you with nice white and gold rubber shoes.

Giving in to a shopping craving make you feel like a VIP, but actually ignoring this urge will make you truly rich. This tip comes hand in hand with the first one. Enjoy seeing advertisements now, buy them later!

Life Goals: Be Debt Free after College

While most of your friends may purchase impulsively, one luxury after another, consider paying off any of your debts first, if any.

My student loans were at 6.8% interest, and by making sure I never went past due, I earned myself priceless zest on what I can actually buy, and not owe, with my account.

Do Not Buy A New Car…Yet

Yes, a car may be one prized possession right after college. But you do not want it to be just another “priced” possession you can postpone. Aside from student loans, getting a new car is another way to make your debts and interest skyrocketing.

Use your existing car until it won’t run any further. Once it breaks down, invest in another one with a low, reasonable price. Remember, your car model doesn’t make you – your pocket does!

Talk to the Elderly about Money.

What really helped me in paying off my college loan was to seek for and listen to some elders’ advice about money. In less than two years, I was able to pay up, quit my teaching job and start my own business.

All it took was to find more experienced individuals and ask them questions about trade and money. There are always people who are willing to share ideas. Just make sure you listen to them.

I would say I’ve gone quite a long way financially just by taking the above steps. Try them for yourself and see the difference!



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